Clinical Practice

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Clinical Research Nurses
Clinical Research Associate

MedicReS Certification programs are continuing education programs.

After the completion of the certificate, our members can follow the innovations in education and use them for life.
Because of this feature, our programs are included in the c-learning 'continuous learning' category.

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medical researcher
clinical researcher

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Good Biostatistical Practice
Clinical Research Pharmacist
Good Reviewer

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Clinical Practice Advanced
Clinical Translational Research

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MedicReS Certificate Programs



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MedicReS aims to educate researchers and provoke discussion about the good scientific method, statistics, ethics, publication, and education. Faced with stifling bureaucracy, competition for funds, and employer pressure to deliver results, finding the time and space to produce the best research can seem an arduous process. Events like the MedicReS world congress should help to emancipate researchers, refocusing them on the steps to ensure that their research is as rigorous as possible