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Good Clinical Practice Advanced
Online Certificate Program


Navigating the Future of Pharma: Unveiling the "Good Artificial Intelligence Practice in Pharma" Certification Program based on

MedicReS AI Rules VERU 2023 | Valid, Ethical, Reliable, Update

Esteemed Professionals of the Pharmaceutical Industry,

The pharmaceutical sector stands as a fascinating domain, leading the way in scientific and technological advancements that enhance the quality of life of patients. Nevertheless, the complexity and swiftly evolving dynamics of this field place the responsibility on professionals to update and empower themselves continually. This reality has given rise to the birth of the

"Good Artificial Intelligence Practice in Pharma" certification program.

This certification program empowers participants to comprehend various facets of the pharmaceutical industry, anticipate future trends, and learn how to adapt their organizations to these changes. It equips you with the knowledge and skills vital to the transformation of the pharmaceutical sector. However, this program is designed not only for leaders in the pharmaceutical industry but also for professionals at all levels. It democratizes the power of knowledge and makes your organization more competitive. By completing this certification program, you open doors to possessing the capabilities and expertise that will shape the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical sector is rapidly evolving alongside artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Being at the forefront of these transformations is a critical factor for your sustained success. The "Good Artificial Intelligence Practice in Pharma" certification program prepares you for this transformation and assists your organization in moving forward with greater strength and awareness.

We invite you to embark on this exciting journey. By enhancing your knowledge and skills, you can play a role in shaping the future of the pharmaceutical industry. This certification program may bring that dream one step closer.




Text / Video / Exams


12 Lessons


1 - 2 Weeks


Comprehensive Understanding of AI in Pharma: Participants will gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of how artificial intelligence is transforming the pharmaceutical industry.


Practical Application: Emphasis on real-world applications of AI in pharmaceuticals, enabling participants to apply their knowledge effectively in their careers.


Ethical Considerations: Discuss the ethical implications of AI in pharma and learn strategies for responsible AI implementation.


Practical Projects: Engage in hands-on projects and case studies to apply AI techniques to real pharmaceutical challenges.


Career Advancement: Enhance career prospects by acquiring skills that are in high demand in the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical industry.


Continuous Learning: Access to resources and updates to stay current in the field even after completing the course.


Pharmaceutical Professionals (commercial leaders, market access leaders, medical affairs teams, regulatory professionals, clinical  teams and R&D teams) / Healthcare Practitioners / Data Scientists and Analysts / Regulatory Affairs Specialists / Clinical Research Professionals / Pharma Entrepreneurs and Startups / PhD Students and Graduates / Healthcare IT Professionals / Consultants and Advisors / Government and Regulatory Agencies / Anyone Interested in the Intersection of AI and Pharma


Part 1: Intro To AI: Demystifying AI

  • Know the basics of what AI is

  • Be able to name at least 3 different types of AI

  • Understand what digital humans are capable of today

  • Understand the basics of the 4 types of machine learning training approaches

  • Understand the difference between ANI, AGI and ASI


  • Pharma business leaders wanting to incorporate AI and FutureTech to help grow your business and your career

  • Any business function with a requirement to get better results with less effort and time

  • You need to stay ahead of the game and you are not seeing the desired results from your team in the AI space

  • Do not have time

  • Do not want to join something that is just all content, content, content when you are struggling to find time to add yet another thing into your calendar, but you do want to know what the right next steps are for you – the ones you need to get you where you want to be

  • Are willing to commit to changing your results and taking them to the next level


  • Those not interested in taking their brand, organization and career to the next level

  • Those who believe everything can stay as it always has been



Dr.Andree Bates

Dr. Andrée Bates is a leading Artificial Intelligence thought leader and the founder and CEO of Eularis, a firm focused on tackling pharma industry challenges with artificial intelligence since 2003. She has worked in this space for pharma in Europe, USA, Canada, LATAM, EMEA, Japan, UK and China for over 20 years and in pharmaceuticals for 30 years. Dr. Bates has led Artificial Intelligence programmes for numerous top-tier pharmaceutical companies in diverse areas such as R&D, clinical trials, medical affairs and sales and marketing. These have all resulted in measurable efficiency and growth in profit and market share for her clients. Part of her success with AI is due to the initial strategic planning of AI across healthcare companies' value chain from a business perspective to ensure that pharma leaders can leverage the value of AI effectively to solve their unique growth and efficiency challenges successfully.  She is also a guest lecturer in 6 University MBA programmes in Health Innovation and AI and is also an Assessor for Innovate UK, UK’s national innovation agency, with her area of specialty being AI-focused start-up grants. She also hosts a podcast ‘AI for Pharma Growth’ that explores AI that is relevant to pharma. In addition she is Global Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Director at MedicReS AI.

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Sanjeev Kulkarni

Director Commercial Excellence , Emerging Markets, Abbott

Working with Dr Andree was a fantastic experience. professional with great experience and profound knowledge of business solutions powered by AI. She was able to articulate and shape the understanding of AI across our sales leadership teams which built the confidence to implement business impactful projects. I enjoyed working with her on the various projects we took on and it was an enriching experience for me. Besides possessing excellent interpersonal skills, Dr Andree has great relations with company clients and potential customers, she is a thought leader in AI and an intelligent CEO who can inspire and motivate entire teams spread across the world.





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