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This service is based on MedicReS "Good Biostatistical Practice - GBP" and "MedicReS Good Biostatistical Consultancy Standards - GBCS". Our services are available more than 30 different languages.

Type : E - Consulting 

Target Groups : Medical and Clinical Researchers, Medical Doctors, Residency Students,Medical Students, Family Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacologists, Dentists, Biologists, Epidemiologist, Veterinarians, Health Professionals.

Consultancy Language : More than 30 Languages

Therapeutic Areas : All

Accesible Only for MedicReS Club members. 

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Good Biostatistical Consultancy & Analysis Services

Do Good Medical Research - DoGMR is a  high quality and Certificated Biostatistical Consultancy and Analysis Service for creating Good Medical Research - GMR.