We would like to introduce you with MedicReS GBP (Good Biostatistical Practice ) and GBRS (Good Biostatistical Review Standards). MedicReS GBRS is also endorsing CONSORT, STARD, PRISMA and STROBE statements from EQUATOR Network. ICMJE and New English Journal of Medicine and COPE. 

We believe that Good Biostatistical Review Standards will be helpful to editors and statistical peer reviewers of medical journals. New release of MedicReS GBRS is available in E-PICOS Wizard. Journals can send the manuscripts to MedicReS GBRS System as an independent referee and we are sending a biostatistical review report about the manuscripts to the editors within 5 business days.  

Increasing Research, Reducing Waste
"It has been estimated that 85% of research is wasted, usually, because it asks the wrong questions, is badly designed, not published or poorly reported. This diminishes the value of research and also represents a significant financial loss. However, many causes of this waste are simple problems that could easily be fixed, such as appropriate randomisation or blinding of a clinical trial. A first step towards increasing the value of research and reducing waste is to monitor the problems and develop solutions that aim to fix them."


Good Biostatistical Review System

​GBRS is based on MedicReS Good Biostatistical Review Standards Release 1.2 which is announced on February 22, 2016

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MedicReS aims to educate researchers and provoke discussion about the good scientific method, statistics, ethics, publication, and education. Faced with stifling bureaucracy, competition for funds, and employer pressure to deliver results, finding the time and space to produce the best research can seem an arduous process. Events like the MedicReS world congress should help to emancipate researchers, refocusing them on the steps to ensure that their research is as rigorous as possible