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MD Anderson Cancer Center Guest Speaker 

Prof. Adil SHAMOO

University of Maryland ,

School of Medicine 

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Prof. Arzu Kanik, PhD

MedicReS Scientific Director

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Prof. Nicholas JEWELL

University of California , Berkeley

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- E-PICOS intelligence and interactive biostatistics tool

- BeGMR online education program 

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1st Day Key Topics / Feb 20, 2019

Session 1: Why Good Cardiology Research, Type of Cardiological Research  Data & Outcomes in Cardiology Research
Session 2:  Scientific Errors and Confidence Internals, P-Value & Power, Calculating the minimum required sample size in observational  cardiology research
Session 3: Some important statistical  test in cardiology  for mean differences, proportion differences, proportion ratios  such as Odds Ratio, Relative Risk, Hazard Ratio E-PICOS CALCULATOR
Session 4: Censored data: Kaplan Meier  Survival Analysis  

2nd Day / Feb 21, 2019

Session 1: Type of Research: Observational vs Experimental, Diagnostics  vs  Treatment
Session 2: Ethical rules for collecting  data from human  both prospective and retrospective studies
Session 3: BeGMR Online Lessons and Online Exams, Which Design E-PICOS DESIGNER
Session 4:  Observational Research in Cardiology: Cohort vs Retrospective Cohorts, Nested Case-Control vs Case Control, Propensity Score Matching

3rd Day / Feb 22, 2019

Session 1: Main Sources of Rejection:  Validity & Accuracy: Study Design Session: Is the study design used in the manuscript in conjunction with the aim of the study?
Session 2: Main Sources of Major Revision: Statistical Analysis Session:  Is the statistical method used in manuscript in conjunction with study design and data? 
Session 3: Intellectual Revision:  Sample Size Session; Is there any condition about the unnecessary or inadequate sample size? 
Session 4:  Main Sources of Minor Revision:  Tables and Graphics Session; Have appropriate descriptive and summary statistics been given in the Results?

4th Day / Feb 23, 2019 

Session 1: Clinical Trials in Cardiology, Good Clinical Practice in Cardiology,  Writing Protocol for Randomized Clinical Trials Bias, Blinding & Randomization, ITT vs Per PROTOCOL
Session 2: Outcome Management  in Cardiology, Calculating minimum required sample size for randomized clinical trials, EPICOS CALCULATOR, Student’s t-test ANOVA
Session 3: Calculating and Interpretation of treatment efficacy and safety statistics  such, ARR, RRR, NNT, RR, OR
Session 4: Clinical Trial Registration and Reporting Clinical Trials CONSORT

Dr. Zubin MASTER

Associate Consultant II
Biomedical Ethics Research Program 

Mayo Clinic

Prof. Arzu KANIK

​MedicReS New York

Scientific Director

MedicReS Board Member

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Course  on Good Clinical Research in Cardiology
based on Good Biostatistical Practice &  Advanced Biostatistics in Cardiology
Good Publication Practice in Cardiology:

Good Reporting and Good Reviewing, Good Publication Practice 


February 20 - 23, 2019

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