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Health Application Centers
Quality Certification

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The MedicReS Health Application Centers Quality Certification program checks the quality level of centers active in medical practice processes and motivates them to take the level to the maximum.


MedicReS implements and administers health application centers quality certification following the regulations of the ministries of health of the relevant countries, the Amsterdam Declaration published by the European Bureau of the World Health Organization in 1994, the 1995 Bali Declaration of the World Medical Association, the 2002 Rome Convention on the European Statute on the Rights of the Patient, the 2005 Santiago Declaration of the World Medical Association and MedicReS 2011 Good Medical Research World Congress declaration.


Information about the application process


After you complete the pre-application form below, you will be contacted with all the application details and links.

Property of Documents

All documents supplied by you during the application are the property of the institution making the application and will only be used by MedicReS for certification purposes.




The centers and persons involved in the certification are committed to confidentiality.


Certification Fees


The application fee of EUR 1.000 will be charged once you have completed and submitted your application for certification. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable. The centers that pass the application process will pay Euro 2.000 3 days before the site visit.


Re-certification Fees


The application fee for re-certifications of EUR 2.000 once you have completed and submitted your application for re-certification after the 2-year validity of the first certification.

Certification Process

•             Centers that successfully pass this 'Pre-evaluation', the 1st stage in certification, will be informed via e-mail, and an appointment for the onsite visit will be made.

•             After the visit, the certification process will be completed. The 'MedicReS Good IVF Center' certificate will be sent in print and digitally for use on the center's website and in written and visual use.

•             The certificate's validity period is two years from the date of issue.

•             The pre-evaluation phase is ten days after all information is received ultimately. At the end of this period, a visit appointment e-mail will be sent to the centers that pass the preliminary evaluation (A visit will be made within a maximum of 10 days). Certification will be completed within ten days following the day of the visit.

Validity of Certification


Certification is valid for two years. The process must be started three months before the previous certificate expires. After this time, centers can reapply online with the initial account.


•             Centers that fail to pass the pre-evaluation stage will be presented with a detailed report on their deficiencies. They will be able to complete their deficiencies within two months and make a new application without paying an application fee. In this process, it will be sufficient for the center to notify that it has completed its deficiencies and to upload the documents. In these two months, if there is a deficiency in the areas where there is no deficiency in the first evaluation stage, the center has to renew its application by eliminating these deficiencies. If such a deficiency is detected during the center visit to be made after the pre-evaluation approval, the whole process will have to be started again.  

 •            MedicReS reserves the right to make changes in this entire certification process.         


Thanks for submitting!

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