Program Registration

- Create a personal page at In this section, the name of the institution should be the same as the institution of the agreement.

- The personal page is accessed from BeGMR Lessons section from the top menu.

- Personal page and BeGMR Courses section is valid for life - long. Users will be able to follow the courses from their personal accounts for course renewals and new information.

Why is MedicReS and University Cooperation Important?

Our main goal is to increase the quality of medical research all over the world. MedicReS has been serving for 12 years to provide confidence in the application of research results to patients and society, and to make the personal development of researchers in planning, analyzing, writing and criticizing scientific research sustainable.

We have online and face-to-face training programs developed by MedicReS on topics such as clinical research, animal experiments, good reviewing practices, good biostatistics practices, and good clinical practice.

Artificial intelligence supported biostatistics software is offered to users in collaboration with MedicReS and your university.







10.000 MEMBERS

MedicReS BeGMR

E-PICOS Software

E-PICOS is a biostatistics consultant software that includes artificial intelligence applications for personal use.

Members of the institution may purchase E-PICOS personally.

If the institution wishes to make E-PICOS available to all its members, we have individual corporate fees.


What is a Cooperation Agreement?

The collaboration agreement between MedicReS and another higher education institution includes free access to the MedicReS BeGMR Basic Education program for all students and all academic staff of the university's medical departments.

There are no financial liabilities in this agreement.

The MedicReS BeGMR, Good Medical Researcher program, opens lessons and exams section free of charge to users based on agreement.

Upon completion of the program, users can get their certificates for a special fee.

Following the agreement signed by the competent authority and sent to, members of the institution may start to benefit from our program free of charge.

MedicReS aims to educate researchers and provoke discussion about the good scientific method, statistics, ethics, publication, and education. Faced with stifling bureaucracy, competition for funds, and employer pressure to deliver results, finding the time and space to produce the best research can seem an arduous process. Events like the MedicReS world congress should help to emancipate researchers, refocusing them on the steps to ensure that their research is as rigorous as possible