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International Continuous Congress on

Medical & Clinical Priority Research for

Global Health 2022


The MedicRes Congress is a great opportunity to combine different areas of medical research and will give an insight into the big machinery producing the data on which treatment schedules are changing in different therapy areas. 

Big data in medical research and health care comes with big promises and expectations. I call upon my colleagues to join the discussion on big data in medical research and to take the opportunity to shape the discourse.

Aysun Karataş / Biontech


Good Medical Research is research that has the potential to deliver results that can improve the capabilities and decision-making of clinicians, and that obtains its results via methods that respect the rights of human subjects. Settling questions about what counts as good medical research is an interdisciplinary enterprise, requiring contributions from statisticians, scientists, clinicians, and ethicists, and the MedicReS World Congress will be bringing these experts together. 

There is a growing consensus that clinical researchers are justified in doing less than their best for the subjects in their trials when necessary to obtain results that will help future patients more.  I criticize this view on the grounds that it neglects the moral constraint against allowing harm as a means, and describe several trial designs that intend the harmful consequences of withholding care as a means to various research-related ends. 

Dr. Collin O’Neil  

Lehman College, City University of New York.


The Congress will bring together a diverse group of researchers with differing experiences and opinions.  This is a great opportunity to get together and brainstorm and ponders the future of collaborative research.  My subject will discuss where analysis, particularly that of big data, is headed.

Please attend the MedicRes World Congress it is a great opportunity to discuss how to advance science using good, ethical practices.

Dr. Denise A. Esserman 

Yale School of Public Health, Yale University 


In my opinion, the conference is timely to address the pressing issues in medical research. The intense nature of current progress in medical research necessitates anticipating and dealing with potential ethical and compliance issues. Among the issues of concern is the Integrity of research publications free from falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism.

It is certainly worthwhile to attend the conference to participate in the latest issues on enhancing the integrity of authorship in medical research.

Adil E. Shamoo, Ph.D., Professor and Editor-in-Chief, Accountability in Research

University of Maryland School of Medicine


The Congress will present valuable information on a variety of topics related to the conduct of biomedical research. The speakers will represent a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The audience will be international in scope.

David B. Resnik J.D., Ph.D. 

Bioethicist and NIEHS IRB Chair

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