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We would like to invite you to a focused, one-hour virtual discussion via Zoom.

This tailored conversation aims to explore how your company's goals align with AI's potential, at a time convenient for you between August 21 -31, 2023.

Why Collaborate with MedicReS AI Global?

With a decade of experience, MedicReS AI Global is a pioneer in AI-driven medical research solutions. We bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape.


Our Discussion Points:

Custom AI Solutions: Discover how our AI solutions streamline processes in R&D, Clinical Trials, Sales & Marketing,  for enhanced efficiency and innovation.

AI-Powered Research Assistance:

Explore E-PICOS, our AI platform for study design, data analysis, and publication support, ensuring robust, evidence-based outcomes.


Education Programs:

Learn about our certified "Good AI Practice for Pharma" and "Good AI Practice for Health Sciences" courses that boost competitiveness.


Upcoming AI 2024 Online Congress:

Get insights into our global event uniting industry leaders for knowledge exchange and showcasing trends driving the sector.


The Next Step:

Kindly confirm your interest by August 20th and please choose date and time at the form below.

We look forward to shaping the future of pharmaceuticals together.


For any queries, feel free to reach out.



Exploring MedicReS AI

Thank you for your kind interest. Our team will contact you.

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