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Good Social Media Certification


MedicReS Good Social Media in Health Sciences Certification Program aims to certify the quality and effectiveness of digital content creation by agency staff, focusing on health sciences.

It ensures that the staff adheres to best practices in digital communication, upholds ethical standards, and provides accurate, accessible health information.

Guiding Principles:

The program will be guided by:

  • Regulations from the ministries of health of the relevant countries

  • Declarations and conventions relevant to health information dissemination and patient rights, such as the Amsterdam Declaration, Bali Declaration, Rome Convention, Santiago Declaration, and the MedicReS 2011 Good Medical Research World Congress declaration

  • Specific guidelines on ethical social media and digital media use in health sciences


Application Process:

  1. Agencies interested must complete a pre-application form.

  2. MedicReS will contact the applicants with all necessary details and links for the full application.


Document Ownership:

All documents provided during the application process remain the property of the applying agency and are used solely for certification purposes.


MedicReS BeGMR Online Modules


All involved agencies and personnel must adhere to strict confidentiality protocols.

Certification Fees:

  • An application fee of EUR 49, non-refundable.


Re-certification Fees:

  • Yearly EUR 49


Certification Process:

  1. Agencies pass a pre-evaluation based on submitted information.

  2. Successful agencies will be scheduled for a detailed evaluation, which may include a review of digital content, strategies, and compliance with ethical standards.

  3. Upon passing the evaluation, the "MedicReS Good Social Media in Health Sciences" certificate will be issued, valid for one year.


Validity and Re-application:

  • Certification is valid for one year, with a re-application process starting three months before expiration.

  • Agencies that fail the pre-evaluation will receive a report on deficiencies and can reapply without an additional fee once these are addressed.


Changes to the Process:

MedicReS reserves the right to make changes to the certification process.


Thanks for submitting!

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