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MedicReS Good Medical Research Summer School

Program Coordinator
Prof.Dr.E. Arzu KANIK, PhD
Invited Speakers
Prof.Dr.Christoph Zielinski
Suzanne Pozsonyi

​Zubin Master, PhD

Venue Leonardo Conference Center

Accreditation MedicReS 30 MACMEC 


"Good Medical Researcher Summer School"
July 1 - 5, 2019  

Prof. Arzu KANIK

​MedicReS New York

Scientific Director

MedicReS Board Member​



Dr. Zubin MASTER

Mayo Clinic


MedicReS Board Member​

Services Included in the Registration Fee ;

- Full Program & Workshop Participation 

( Five Days )

- E-PICOS Intelligence and Interactive Biostatistics Tool

- BeGMR Online Education Program 

Accreditation & CME Certificate 


Conference Center


Prof. Dr. Christoph Zielinski

Medical University Vienna,

Director of the Clinical Division of Oncology and Chairman of the Department of Medicine

Suzanne Pozsonyi

SynCon International Clinical Research Consultancy Budapest Hungary

Invited Speakers

MedicReS aims to educate researchers and provoke discussion about the good scientific method, statistics, ethics, publication, and education. Faced with stifling bureaucracy, competition for funds, and employer pressure to deliver results, finding the time and space to produce the best research can seem an arduous process. Events like the MedicReS world congress should help to emancipate researchers, refocusing them on the steps to ensure that their research is as rigorous as possible